We like to capture life's moments and memories as they happen. Our goal is to create a photographic snap-shot of life, the special people and moments shared together.
I am a second generation photographer. Photography has become a Family tradition that began with my father, Allan K. Bowler. I too am passing on this love to my sons. It is a privilege to be able to capture the special people and moments in someones life, so that they may be shared with both family and friends now, and for generations to come.
My Father began photographing in high school he later worked for a local well known Photography studio. He shared this love of photography with me at an early age. I have taken photographs for as long as I can remember. I too took up photography in high school and have worked for a well known international Portrait studio, I personally had 17 studios in 4 states, under my supervision. I have trained studio management from both the states and the United Kingdom. I have viewed and analyzed thousands of photos for portrait quality. I spent many years working in film and studio photography. I am truly enjoying this adventure into the digital world and returning to a more journalistic lifestyle approach to photography. My heart is in photographing children and gods creatures.

~We believe that Life is the Artwork of God and that each moment we capture is an opportunity to honor him and his creation. I hope that within my photographs you can find my heart and treasure. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21